Marsden Jazz Festival
Jazz In The Yorkshire Pennines

Ticketed Venues

Our headline venues are categorised by the type of gig you can see at each venue. We try to balance programming gigs that are a little bit of something for everyone, whilst also trying to push and question the boundaries of the genre of “jazz”. We showcase traditional jazz bands and cutting-edge new sounds, encouraging audiences to expand their own knowledge and understanding of the genre.

Concert Stage

The Concert Stage at the Parochial Hall is located on Clough Lea.

The Concert Stage is our formal seated venue with an interval and more concert style performances.

Gigs performing on this stage include, Crissy Lee Big Band, Alison Rayner Quintet, Beverley Beirne Quintet and Snake Davis Trio.

Club Stage

The Club Stage is located at the Mechanics Hall on Peel Street.

The Club Stage is our our casual dance venue with a bar throughout the performance and lots of opportunities to boogie with friends.

Gigs at the Club Stage will be announced on Friday 2nd August.

New Stream Stage

The New Stream Stage is at the British Legion venue which is located on Grange Street.

The New Stream Stage is offers cutting edge and experimental jazz music as well as our new commissions.

New Stream Stage gigs will be announced on Friday 9th August.