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  • Marsden Menuscript a celebration of music and food

    Sunday 6 October. Full details »

    This Sunday, Marsden Mechanics Hall will be filled with the sounds and smells of a one-off music and food event. The special Marsden Menuscript event has been organised by Marsden Jazz Festival, with funding from Arts Council England, to celebrate the coming together of musicians and community in the village for the annual jazz festival.

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  • Gig notes: Batteries

    2pm, Saturday 12 October, Marsden Royal British Legion

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    Chris Sharkey’s website headlines him as a guitarist who plays in no particular style with lots of different people. Which will come as something of a surprise to people who have only been bumped into by the likes of Collider, TrioVD, Acoustic Ladyland and other in-yer-face Sharkey involved noise fests.

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  • Join In: Brolly making and Huffin' Puffin' & Bashin' band

    Various dates throughout Oct and Sept

    Book on and join in

    Marsden Jazz Festival is fast approaching, but no need to wait – join in now with our workshops! Throughout September and October we have a range of workshops for kids and adults to get involved in pre-festival.

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  • Gig notes: Get The Blessing

    4pm, Saturday 12 October, Mechanics Hall.

    Gig details and tickets

    Get The Blessing are part of a particular UK jazz phenomenon. Along with Acoustic Ladyland, Trio VD and others they view jazz not as some kind of Cultural Reservation or Preserved Heritage but as a joyful opportunity to make a new noise – as the old jazz self-description has it ‘the sound of surprise.’

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  • Gig notes: Mick Coady's Synergy, featuring David Binney

    1pm, Saturday 12 October, Mechanics Hall

    Gig details and tickets

    Mick Coady’s stellar line up with the man himself on bass, Ivo Neame (piano), Julian Arguelles (tenor) and James Maddren (drums) has, as featured soloist, our first ever North American import, David Binney on alto sax.

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  • Full festival programme now online

    The full line-up of over seventy festival events is now online. There is something for everyone, whether you want to see a trad jazz band in a pub, a school or college band in a park or a cutting edge jazz group at the festival’s New Stream.

    View the full festival programme

    View our printed brochure online

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